5 All-time Favorite Short Hairstyles

I am sure long hair is great for some people, but I just love the feeling of transformation that comes with a shorter style. With everything that today's stylists have to offer short hair doesn't to be the big scary chop it used to be. Below is a list of five great looks that have never gone out of style.

5. Blunt Lob

The lob hairstyle is quite simply, a long blunt bob. A blunt lob will make your neck look longer. This cut is always a long bob so it should hit your collarbone and have a super straight line.  Tips for this look:

  • This cut is an easy trick to make fine to medium hair look fuller.
  • Blunt cuts and thick hair build up too much weight to avoid this opt for an undercut to balance the look out.
4. Long Shaggy Bob

The haircut hits below the chin but above the shoulders. The soft layers are then s usually razored from back to front at a slight angle. This creates a timeless, "messy hair don't care look". Tips for this look:

  • This would be a great for all face shapes and types of hair, but opt out of bangs for your curly hair.
  • Has your fine limp hair fallen flat during the day? flip it upside down and give it a good shake to keep it full of body.
3. Classic Square Bob

The blunt cut was made famous by the "father" of the bob, Vidal Sassoon. The classic square line bob is all one length, with no graduation. The bob can be worn with or without bangs and usually hits your chin in length.

Here are some tips for the square bob look:

  • If your hair isn't bone straight, this could cause the lines to look uneven
  • Thick hair works best with this cut.
  • Its chin length makes it a good cut for square and round shaped faces.
2. Cropped Cut

Similar to the pixie, it has short layers on the bottom. The difference between the two is the length that is left in the bangs. This is a great way to make a pixie type cut work on any face shape. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the crop cut perfect every time:

  • Make sure your hair is long enough to pull back in a sleek ponytail that hits about at the nape of your neck, this gives length to add whisps to cover problem areas.
  • Highlights are always your friend with the short hair. Adding a hint of color to your cut can make all the difference. They also can be used to compliment your face shape
1. Pixie Cut 

Mia Farrow made this cut iconic in 1968 with Vidal Sassoon's more polished version in the movie,“Rosemary’s Baby". This style isn't for everyone, here are some tips for pulling off the perfect pixie:

  • "The 2.25 ruler rule"- Place a pencil under your chin horizontally. Then place the ruler under your ear, vertically. The intersection of the pencil and ruler indicates a measurement. If it is less than 2.25', you can go as short as you want!
  • If you ask your stylist to use thinning shears instead of a scissor to cut the back EVEN if your hair is fine. This makes sure your pixie doesn't get a bowl cut look.
  • Micro- side swept bangs that are fringe cut are a great way of making sure you still look feminine.

In conclusion, always remember to bring a picture of the look you want and take the time to discuss it with your stylist beforehand.Don't worry if you aren't crazy about your cut, the solution to a bad haircut is only a couple weeks!


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