What to Consider When Getting Perfect Headlamp

In the recent years, the markets have been flooding with products making it a challenge for clients to pick the right from the wrong in the batch. In the case of the headlamp products in the market, it is especially difficult to choose from all such products on sale are described as LED. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a headlamp:

The type of beam and distance

There are three types of rays omitted by headlamps. There is the full beam headlight that is suitable for camping activities since it throws light over a long distance. The other one is the focused beam which is a light beam that travels a long distance suitable for trail navigation in the dark. Finally, there are those lamps whose beams can be adjusted between flood and focused.

When it comes to beam distance, headlamps can be tested to determine the amount of surface that the beam covers. The larger the surface, the more efficient the lamp is.

Brightness and output regulation

Most brands of headlamps offer roughly three or more brightness modes on their products. The modes range between high, low, medium, zoom or flash modes. Some provide the red light mode which is preferable for night use since the red light does not strain the eyes as much as the white.

Regulated lamps are designed to retain their brightness whether at all times. As opposed to these, the ones that are not regulated get dimmer as the batteries get drained. The dimming effect helps to keep the user alert on the condition of the battery unlike the regulated ones that might give the illusion of a full array and at the end leave the user stranded.

Weight and batteries

The weight of a headlamp is dependent on the battery sizes and amount being utilized at that moment. Some lamps have external packs for the batteries while others have their batteries fitted in them. Those with a separate battery pack and a rear cable that connects the headband to the battery pack would be more efficient as they reduce the weight on your forehead.

When choosing the kind of batteries, the weather is a crucial factor; lithium batteries are good for the cold weather while alkaline batteries for the hot season and the best for retaining their charge. Rechargeable batteries are suitable for any condition, but that they tend to lose power even when they are not in use. There are also those that are both rechargeable and have a backup battery that one can install in case of a power shortage.

Some headlamp batteries are also solar powered. However, these may not be efficient during the cold season when the sun does not shine as much to power the lamps and the batteries do not last as long as the other ones.

Water resistance 

When choosing a headlamp, it is wise to check if it is water resistance since the headlamp is for outdoor activities. Exposure to rain and snow cannot be avoided. 


A lamp with a headlight that can be readjusted by tilting up and down is an excellent choice also.

Top straps

Top straps can either be permanently fitted to the lamp or sometimes removable. The aim of adding the top strap is to enhance the stability of the lamp. However, not all models or brands of headlamps offer the belt.

The on and off switch

The on and off switches on the headlamp are a crucial part that many may ignore to look into when making a purchase. Consider The ease in which the switches allow you to transition between the modes. Some brands come with a lock on the switch to prevent it from being accidentally switched on while in the bag pack hence preserve its charge. Switches can also be very delicate as they can break or become unresponsive if not handled well, another reason why a lock switch is most efficient. 

In conclusion

If you are looking for the best rechargeable headlamp in the market for camping activities, late night walks, quarrying activities or any other events in the dark, I would recommend a lamp that whose beams you can adjust from flood to focused and cover a large surface area and distance. 

The lamp should also be water resistant, adjustable, have a top strap, and a battery pack with both lithium batteries and back up alkaline batteries. I would also pick one that comes with a broader range of modes and is non-regulated and finally, one with a locked switch compartment to prevent damage of the switch and accidental lighting of the lamp.

It may be difficult to get one with all these qualities, in such a case you can pick one with most if not all of the qualities.


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