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How to Fix Slow Startup Times In MacOS

Does your Mac seems to take forever just to startup? Well, that’s not good news at all because some studies show that slow startup can also affect the user’s health aside from wasting time.  Also, let’s admit that it’s very frustrating when you need to do some work in the morning but your Mac is just so slow. For the most part, Mac takes more or less thirty seconds to start up. But most of the time, it is based on whether your Mac is incorporated with a SSD aka Solid State Drive or HDD aka Hard Disk Drive. Now, if you notice that it seems taking a lot of time to display the first screen, then for sure there’s something that you should fix. With that said, we want to share you some proven tips on how to fix slow startup times in macOS. Without further ado, let’s get right into it! Update Your MacOS and Restart a Lot Do you notice that when you do MacOS upgrade, your Mac seems to boot a little bit slower? However, keep in mind that is not always the case because it act